Are you planning to add waterfall for your garden landscape once you decide to have a home remodeling? Well here’s bright ideas for you or your chosen remodeling person.

The waterfall in the picture fits around the smaller pond. The overall length is ten feet and its highest point is three feet.

The first thing we did was to pour a three foot wide concrete pad. The front edge, about an inch higher that the top of the pond liner. The back edge of the pad is 2 inches higher than the front. This way all water blown off the waterfall, and leaks at the back of the fall all run to the pond. The concrete pad was covered with the same type of roofing liner that we used for the pond. The front overlaps the pond liner about 2 inches and the seam was silicone.

The waterfall box was bought over the Internet for $94.00 shipped. It has a 19-inch wide lip and is 22 inches high. If you go this route they will ask if you want the top cut…. Tell them no. Some of the PVC piping was put in place before the concrete was poured. One 2-inch PVC pipe comes out of one of our 35 gallon pump barrels, and into the back of the waterfall box. The other pipe is also a 2-inch that feeds the wings of the waterfall. It comes out of the 35-gallon barrel in the picture. In the pictures you will see the concrete blocks we used to set everything up. The green lights provide an eerie glow through the falling water at night. None of the wing PVC is glued, that way we can change it around if we want to.

Inside the barrel we have a 5-gallon bucket, with holes in it. The pump sits inside, surrounded by lava rock. Also, inside the barrel we have a laundry bag filled with barley straw.

Inside the waterfall box we have a laundry bag with ‘Steamed Flake Barley ’. The latter is an experiment to control string algae.

The rocks we got from a local streambed. To get small distances between the layers of rock we used bricks and small pieces of stone wedged in between the rocks.

It was a lot of hard work and we had to rearrange the rocks a few times until we were happy with the result.

Whichever way you go, good luck!  If we can help in anyway send us message right here on our website.