Water Garden Ideas For Your Next Home Remodel

Water gardens are the perfect way to add charm and style to your yard, and there’s no better time to install one than during a home remodel. There are a variety of ways to incorporate a water garden into your new home, depending on the amount of space you have, your budget, how much water you have available to you, and many other factors. Here are several different ways to add a water garden to your space. You can also ask your remodeling contractor for their expert opinions for this upgrades.


Adding a small pond to your front or back yard looks natural and makes your outdoor space look peaceful and calm. There are many ways to add a water garden to your pond, depending on what type of climate you live in and how big your pond is. If you don’t have a space in your yard that is conducive to a pond, you can build one with brick, cement, or another building material, and use container plants to create a whimsical garden. You can also use smaller containers to create mini ponds, such as an old basin, tub, or well. If you have a pond that is integrated into the ground, you can add larger plants such as grasses and water lilies. If the pond is particularly large, consider adding stepping stones or even a trendy granite or marble slab to create a walkway.


a0c27a938626833e5db0e47146a39126Another form of water garden that you can install during a home renovation is a fountain. There are many different types of water fountains, from multi-tiered standalone fountains to pool fountains with a spout. Virtually any fountain can support a garden with a bit of planning and research. For a successful water garden in a fountain, research plants that will grow in the water with minimal space, as these are the most likely to thrive. If you want to incorporate plants that don’t grow in the water into your space, you can also use a standalone pot fountain with a bubbler to add the serene movement of water, and then surround it with a full garden. Fountains can also be built into walls indoors using materials such as stone or wood, and can contain a small water garden at the base. Find a trusted service like cottage industries inc remodeling to have this installed for your garden.


If you have a large, luscious backyard with plenty of space to work with, a stream is a great way to incorporate water into your remodel. Add a garden to your stream by planting flowers and grasses on its banks – the allure of a backyard stream is how natural it looks, so something too symmetrical or planned may detract from the overall feel of the stream. If you would like, you could build a small bridge over your stream, and place hanging flower baskets there for an added touch of sweetness.


A waterfall with a garden at its base adds a touch of drama to your backyard. This is an especially good choice for hilly gardens, as it highlights the natural terrain of the area. A combination of rocks and plants at the edges of your waterfall looks balanced and inviting. If you have a pool in your backyard, you can also include a waterfall with a garden that flows into the pool to feel like you are swimming in an exotic forest instead of your own backyard.

Indoor Aquarium

If you don’t have space in your yard for a water garden, but still want to incorporate one into your home, consider adding an indoor aquarium. These look fantastic when built directly into the wall, and you can include coral and shells as well as dramatic underwater plants. Complete the aquarium with your own school of fish – they will add a unique pop of color and life to your home.

Small Water Gardens

Another indoor idea that brightens up any room is a small water garden in a pot or other small container. These can be placed anywhere where there’s enough light for the plants, and don’t require the extensive maintenance of a large outdoor water garden. They look particularly nice in a foyer or entrance, kitchen, or bathroom – anywhere that needs a focal point. An indoor water garden is also a great way to test out the concept before installing one outdoors.